MiXley 3D printer - Designing a heated print bed

Door mux op donderdag 28 april 2011 23:10 - Reacties (10)
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MiXley 3D Printer - Designing a heated bed

There we go, the second part of our blog on a 3D printer design. Today we will be discussing the heated print bed - from the first design goals down to the actual design. First a little intro on what a heated bed is and why we want it. Oh yeah, the 3D printer is now called MiXley - a portmanteau and general mess of our names: Michiel (MiX - pronounced like TeX), mux and Wesley.

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Building and improving a 3D printer (part 1)

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This series will be in English to serve the RepRap community as a whole.

During the last two months or so, I've been brooding on building a 3D printer. During this time, I have gathered a few friends to accompany me and the build plans have evolved from mere ideas to more or less a complete design. In this blog series I will go into great detail as to why anybody would want a 3D printer, how such a machine works, how to source and build it and possibly what lies ahead. For those of you who already know something about the RepRap scene: I'll be building a Prusa Mendel using Clonedel parts, a custom-desiged high-tech heated bed and custom electronics.

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